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Outright Gifts

What are outright gifts?

Outright gifts and pledges are gifts you make to the University through the Foundation during your lifetime.

What are the types of outright gifts?

The four most common ways of making an outright gift are listed below:

Cash gifts: A cash gift (through a personal check or credit card) is the most popular type of charitable gift the Foundation receives, many of which are in response to annual solicitations. By contributing regularly through an annual gift, you demonstrate your continuing dedication to the IUC.

You may also pledge your cash gift over a period of several years. Generally, a gift of this type is paid over a three-year period. The Fund operates with triennium targets so you may wish to pledge over a three year period. In such a case, a pledge agreement is created establishing a convenient schedule of payments and the use of your gift.

Real estate: Residential, agricultural, commercial or investment real estate can be designated to benefit the University as a current gift. If IUC is unable to use the real estate to support programming needs or any other purpose, the Foundation will manage or sell the asset and the rental income or net sale proceeds will benefit the university programs you designate.

In some cases a donor may want to give only a portion of an asset's value. In such a case, the Foundation may either purchase the property for a price to be agreed with the understanding that it will be re-sold or used as the University may see fit.

Securities: Transferring securities (stocks, bonds, or mutual funds) that have been held long term to the Foundation. Since the Foundation will be a non-profit organization your company will benefit from tax deductible adjustments (??)

Matching gifts: Employees of corporations who wish to donate to the IUC Foundation could approach their corporations and ask for matching of their outright gifts with a contribution of equal or greater value.

How do outright gifts support the University?

Outright expendable gifts may be used immediately and entirely by the University for the purposes you designate. An outright endowed gift is invested and the net income earned annually from the investment will be available to the University for the purposes you designate.

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