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Friends of I.U.C.

Become a Friend of The International University of the Caribbean today…
Where Friendship Matters

Who Is a Friend of IUC?

The Friends of IUC is a voluntary organization whose sole purpose is to offer practical, technical, financial and networking support to enable the IUC to achieve its goals. As enablers, the Friends will, at their own pace and discretion, set smaller goals / objectives that are aligned to the strategic goals of the IUC thereby making the attainment of those larger goals more likely. The Friends will also identify small operational projects that in their judgment add value to the organization and will use such means as they deem fit to carry out the realization of those small projects.


How Do I Become a Friend of IUC?

By giving of yourself.

What would be expected of Friends?

  • To inform programme content and delivery
  • To contribute to staff/faculty development
  • To provide technical expertise
  • To participate as guest lecturer(s)
  • To issue scholarships and bursaries
  • To sponsor courses
  • To sponsor meeting space for conferences/ receptions
  • To donate cash such as Insurance Proceeds, annuities, Real Estate, Stocks and Securities, and Bequests

How Will IUC Recognize Its Friends?

We will be delighted to recognize and boast about the contributions of our Friends

Here are some of the many ways:

  • Naming of classrooms in honour of our Friend
  • Naming a building or sections in honour of our Friend
  • Aligning products to IUC programmes
  • Honouring family members of our Friend
  • Scholarships named in memory of our Friend
  • Progammes associated with publications in honour of our Friend

We can’t wait to be Friends!!!

For further information, please contact The Office of Capacity Development

54 Ward Avenue, Mandeville, Manchester
Telephone: (876) 625-1747/ (876) 963-0304
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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