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Partnering with you.

The International University of the Caribbean (IUC) is aProfessor Roderick Hewitt different kind of University. While some of the qualities that make us unique and different will be evident to you as you peruse our list of offerings and begin to engage in the programmes, I wish to highlight a number of those differences. Firstly, the IUC has sought to give new meaning to the concept of learning by doing. Accordingly all our programmes carry a practicum component designed to enable the learner to apply the theoretical tools in practical contexts throughout the formal period of study.

​Secondly, at IUC we take an approach to learning that builds on the learner’s experience and emphasizes the value of life-long learning. Thus in all our courses students are required to do assignments which provide them with the opportunity to cohere their significant life experiences with the essential features of the particular course and thereby begin to define how the course will form part of the platform for their ongoing journey of growth and renewed perspectives.

​Thirdly we believe in ensuring that students wrestle with a concern that has specific context and strategic dimensions. While the structure and content of the programmes described in this brochure have generalized and international appeal, they emphasize the need for responsiveness to the particularities and challenges of Caribbean society.

​​The IUC is an initiative of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and was founded in 2005. The IUC, however, draws upon over 200 years of engagement in the delivery of quality secondary education which evolved, naturally, into our foray into tertiary education which began in 1989 with the establishment of the College for Leadership and Theological Development (CLTD). The CLTD is one of two constituent colleges of the IUC and is a pioneer in its own right, having earned the distinction of graduating the largest number of Guidance Counsellors, when compared to other institutions in Jamaica and the Caribbean. That CLTD has achieved this in its brief history is a testimony to the perspicacity of its founders and shapers in responding to the needs of the society. The other constituent college of the IUC is Mel Nathan College (MNC) which began as a community training institute in Jamaica’s urban inner city and is the founder of one of Jamaica’s leading preparatory schools, Mel Nathan Prep.

​The IUC brings together then, the strong traditions of pioneering work, responsiveness to social needs, commitment to empowerment and a vision for national development. The IUC has strong international linkages and offers a number of programmes in partnership with institutions in Canada and the United Kingdom. Persons who register with us, therefore, will register with CLTD / IUC for our homegrown programmes or with IUC for programmes that have international links.

I look forward to welcoming you into one of our programmes, confident that you will find meaning and fulfillment in your growth journey with us.

​Warmly yours,
Rev. Dr. Roderick Hewitt