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The Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Communication Arts offered by the International University of the Caribbean began in September 2007. Since its inception it has received growing traction among students interested in careers in media and communication. The programme is a general one and is designed to prepare students for work in the electronic as well as print media. 

Additionally, we are proud of our association with the Media Technology Institute, a division of the Cultural Production and Training Centre (CPTC). At this time, our enrolled students are at MTI/CPTC a minimum of one evening per week for the practical components of the degree. Practical courses include Introduction to Radio and Television Production. 


2 year completion- for persons with a recognised diploma or associate degree in the discipline (60 credits)

4 Year full time or part time for all other candidates (120 credits)


  • Introduction to Media and Communication Arts 
  • Oral Communication 
  • Radio Production 
  • Events Planning 
  • Contemporary Issues in Media 
  • Policy Media 
  • History and Politics 
  • Writing for Print Media
  • Introduction to Television Production 


Candidates with 5 CSEC or GCSE subjects including English and Maths

Students with 3 or 4 CSEC/GCSE subjects can enter the programme through our Pre IUC programme.


  • Television/Radio Producer
  • Television/Radio Presenter 
  • Reporter/Journalist Professional Actor / Actress 
  • Arts Management 
  • Graphic Designer 
  • Photographer 
  • Community Arts Worker 
  • Marketing manager 
  • Print Media Manager/Specialist