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Human Resource Management is a dynamic field that has been undergoing significant changes in recent years. The increased realization that human resources are a vital organizational component has given human resource management recognition as a critical element in the achievement of organizational effectiveness. 

The BA in Human Resource Management is designed to provide a unique professional experience for those whose main career aspiration is to enter human resource management, or one of its specialist areas. Students will also gain a range of contemporary business skills and knowledge which can be employed within a variety of business contexts.

2 year completion- for persons with a recognised diploma or associate degree in the discipline (60 credits)

4 Year full time or part time for all other candidates (120 credits)


  • Old and New World Civilizations
  • Introduction to Sociology 
  • Elements of Marketing 
  • Caribbean Business Environment 
  • Organisational Behaviour 
  • Job Analysis and Design 
  • Recruitment and Selection 


Candidates with 5 CSEC or GCSE subjects including English and Maths

Students with 3 or 4 CSEC/GCSE subjects can enter the programme through our Pre IUC programme.


  • HR Manager 
  • HR Advisor 
  • Job Specialist 
  • Training Manager 
  • Workplace relations advisor 
  • Trade Union worker 
  • Risk Manager 
  • Recruitment Manager