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The Student Service Centre is your first point of contact as a new student to IUC. Our aim is to assist you from day one in making your time at IUC a unique and rewarding experience.

We help our students through each step of their academic experience, starting with the very first. Our dedicated Student Service Centre staff are prepared to answer your questions and provide any information needed by you or your family.


How can the Student Services help you?

The Student Service Centre provides personalized services to students. As soon as students are enrolled, the Student Service Centre will assist them with preparing for university life.

Let us know what your interests are and we will tell you what IUC has to offer.

Orientation Week: New students are invited to take part in a week of activities held at the start of the academic year, aimed at familiarizing them with life and their studies at IUC. Orientation Week includes tours of the campus, introductory workshops about services and studies, and outdoor activities which make it easy for you to meet other students, alumni and members of the faculty, and make you feel at home.

Centre for Communications and Student Services Email:
Telephone: +1 876 754 1921 / 754 7869